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BenchSmart96 1000ul BST-96-1000

Item #: 30296707

BenchSmart™ 96-channel semi automated benchtop pipettor, volume range 100-1000 μL, uses LTS™ LiteTouch™ tips. Consistent automated tip loading and automated sample pickup for all 96 channels. For 96-well and 384-well plate work (BST-96-1000)

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Available online

Semi automated 96 well pipettor

  • Semi automated flexible and fast:A semi-automated 96 channel pipettor. Allows quick and accurate filling of 96/384 well plates. Easy programming for complex pipetting operations
  • Simple to use- Intuitive GUICombining the precision and reproducibility of automated liquid handling with the flexibility and speed of a manual system. Easy to use pipettor
  • Save Time and MoneySave time on repetitive tasks. Enables easy setup of repetitive workflows. Provides increased reliability/repeatability in their experiments.

Product Specifications

Volume Range 100 µL – 1 mL
Increment (electric) 1 µL
Volume 1 mL
Accuracy ± (%) (µl) 1 % / 1 mL ;
1 % / 0.5 mL ;
2.5 % / 0.1 mL
Precision ± (%) (µl) 0.4 % / 1 mL ;
0.4 % / 0.5 mL ;
1.25 % / 0.1 mL
Tip Technology LiteTouch System LTS;
High-throughput Pipette
Channels 96
Maximum Volume 1 mL
Quantity 1 pcs

Logistic Specifications

Country of origin US
Customs tariff number 8479899499