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E4 Electronic Pipette, LTS E4-200XLS+

Item #: 17014486

E4™ XLS+ electronic single-channel pipette, 20-200 μL, uses LTS™ LiteTouch™ tips. Simple operation, advanced modes. Password-protection, autoclavable liquid end (E4-200XLS+)

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The Future of Pipetting-Now

  • Unsurpassed FunctionalityIntuitive operation with joystick graphical navigation. Multiple modes for any pipetting needs. Save favorite protocols to reduce workflow and errors.
  • Highest standards, peace of mindState of the art design for supreme accuracy and precision with low cost of ownership. RFID tag aids GLP/GMP compliance via advanced asset management.
  • Complete compliance and configurabilityPassword protection of settings, protocols and service alarms for SOP adherence and GLP/GMP compliance. Tailor the pipette configuration for any task.

Product Specifications

Volume Range 20 µL – 200 µL
Increment (electric) 0.2 µL
Volume 20 µL;
100 µL;
200 µL
Accuracy ± (%) (µl) 2.5 % / 0.5 µL ;
0.8 % / 0.8 µL ;
0.8 % / 1.6 µL
Precision ± (%) (µl) 1 % / 0.2 µL ;
0.25 % / 0.25 µL ;
0.15 % / 0.3 µL
Tip Technology LiteTouch System LTS
Channels 1
Maximum Volume 200 µL

Logistic Specifications

Country of origin US
Customs tariff number 8479899499
Hazardous material Yes