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Rainin EarthRack

Reduce Waste with Cellulose Based Tip Racks

Rainin is dedicated to reducing our environmental impact as a company. We strive to minimize waste and maximize efficiency through our recycling and reuse programs and by designing environmentally responsible products. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that our customers receive top-quality products with the least possible environmental impact.

EarthRacks are a perfect solution to reduce plastic waste in the lab! The EarthRack is primarily made from refined cellulose that can be easily composted and is entirely biodegradable. This innovative product significantly reduces plastic waste, as the only plastic component is the small and recyclable polypropylene tip deck. By using EarthRack, you can be sure that you are moving towards a cleaner and more sustainable future!

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BioClean Green Products

A New Line of Sustainable Products

EarthRack Biodegradable Pipette Tip Racks are certified as BioClean Green! This means that our sustainable tip packaging materials from cellulose undergo a rigorous testing process and specifications explicitly developed for cellulose-based tip racks.

EarthRack is derived from natural, plant-based materials. BioClean Green employs a broader, more intrusive quality testing procedure to ensure the absence of biological contaminants. This includes testing for DNase and RNase and has been expanded to include three tests for each nuclease for complete assurance of tip performance.

With EarthRack, you can confidently use a sustainable and thoroughly tested development for your lab's pipetting needs.

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